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Air, Rail, Bridge, Water, and Pipeline Plan

In addition to the transportation systems identified previously, there are several additional systems that have been considered as part of the TSP update including:


There are 13 private and public airports located in Klamath County. The largest public use airport is Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport (LMT) located near Klamath Falls. While the County may be an active stakeholder in seeing that these needs are resolved, LMT’s needs fall within the City of Klamath Falls’ jurisdiction. There are no recommended air system solutions identified for the TSP Update.


Three rail lines run through Klamath County. Three freight companies own the rail lines, and one passenger rail company (Amtrak) operates on one of the freight company’s lines. There are no recommended rail system solutions identified for the TSP Update.


Several bridge projects are included in the proposed solutions plan. In addition to bridge analysis results conducted in the existing conditions analysis, the County has developed a 10-year bridge improvement plan. Bridge improvements recommended as part of the TSP are shown in the "Proposed Bridge Solutions" to the right.


There are no navigable waterways located in Klamath County and thus, no needs identified.


Two natural gas pipelines run through Klamath County. One pipeline runs north-south through the County and closely follows US97. The pipeline is operated by TransCanada (TC) Energy. The second pipeline runs east-west through Keno and Klamath Falls and terminates in Bonanza. This pipeline is operated by Gas Transmission Northwest LLC. There are no recommended pipeline system solutions identified for the TSP Update.

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