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Goals and Objectives

This room presents the draft goals and objectives developed by the project team to guide development of the TSP update.

Updating a planning document like a transportation system plan requires that goals and objectives be developed to help guide the planning process. These goals and objectives will be used to help identify and prioritize transportation improvement projects to be included as part of the final transportation system plan.

The following summarizes the goals and objectives for this planning effort.

The Final Goals and Objectives Memorandum can be found HERE

Goal 1: Safety

Provide a transportation system that is safe and secure for all transportation modes and for people of all abilities.

Goal 2: Environment

Create a sustainable and resilient transportation system, while minimizing environmental impacts of the transportation system, improvement projects, and maintenance.

Goal 3: Economic Development

Provide a transportation system that facilitates a thriving economy through the efficient movement of goods and easy access to economic opportunities.

Goal 4: Equity

Maximize the benefits of a sustainable transportation system to all users by improving conditions and access for affordable mobility options, including walking, biking, taking transit, and ridesharing, and by minimizing potential negative impacts of transportation projects to communities and the environment.

Goal 5: Coordination and Outreach

Maintain communication with neighboring counties, local, state, and federal governments, stakeholders, private sector partners, and community members through effective coordination and outreach.

Goal 6: Transportation and Land Use

Provide a transportation network that appropriately connects local land uses and anticipates mobility needs with changes in land uses.

Goal 7: Strategic Investment

Provide a sustainable transportation system through responsible stewardship of financial resources.

Goal 8: Implementation

Implement timely transportation improvements and maintenance projects that are feasible, provide a positive return on investment, and are adequately funded.

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