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Safety Plan

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The Safety Plan for the Klamath County TSP consists of projects along State and County roadways.The County is in the process of completing its first Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) in parallel to this TSP Update. Proposed solutions intend to improve safety performance and reduce crashes.

The following safety needs were identified in the Technical Memorandum #3 - Existing and Future Conditions Inventory and Analysis:

  • Between 2013 and 2017, a total of 2,217 crashes were reported in Klamath County, outside of UGB areas.

  • Intersections and segments were identified for safety considerations based on a review of reported crash history and input from the advisory committee about locations where they have experienced near-misses or potential geometric issues such as sight distance limitations.

The proposed solutions are shown in the INTERACTIVE MAP provided in the link. Please open the map and provide comments or thoughts related to the project locations. Additional or general pedestrian comments can be submitted by clicking "Safety Plan Map".


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