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The Funding Room provides a summary of the total estimated County costs of the solutions as shown in the Draft Solutions. These costs illustrate the total funding needs to implement all of the items in the Plan (for County facilities outside the Klamath Falls UGB area) and illustrates the importance of prioritization and identifying new funding sources. The Plan solutions are meant to be flexible and can be updated over time, but potential new funding sources are necessary to show how the Plan could be completed.”

The "Summary of Project Costs" is provided to the right.

Key consistent funding sources that have contributed to transportation improvement projects within Klamath County over the last several years include Motor Vehicle Apportionment (MVA), Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding enacted through legislation, and Surface Transportation Funds (STP). There is also a reserve fund that has been used to fund large, capital projects. The reserve fund produces annual interest of approximately $400,000.

Given the limited funding available for capital improvements, the County will need to identify other potential revenue sources to fund transportation capital improvement projects. The cost of high priority projects is approximately $13 million. On average, the County would require approximately $2.25 million per year of additionally funding over the next 20 years to solely fund high priority projects without using reserve funds.

The "Proposed Funding Sources" to the right shows potential future funding sources from the federal, state, and local level.