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Pedestrian Plan

Check out the Interactive Pedestrian Map

The Pedestrian Plan for the Klamath County TSP consists of improvement projects along State and County roadways, at key intersections, and in unincorporated areas. The solutions are intended to address the need for pedestrian facilities throughout the County.

Adequate pedestrian facilities, particularly in developed, unincorporated communities, provide opportunities for people to walk to key destinations, using walking as a form of transportation. The following provides a summary of the existing gaps and deficiencies identified in Technical Memorandum #3 - Existing and Future Conditions Inventory and Analysis:

  • Multi-use paths, sidewalks, and crossings are currently lacking in unincorporated areas, near schools, and next to transit stops.
  • Trail crossings with roadways are unmarked and unenhanced.
  • There are locations in unincorporated communities with missing ADA ramps.

The proposed solutions are shown in the INTERACTIVE MAP provided in the link. Please open the map and provide comments or thoughts related to the project locations. Additional or general pedestrian comments can be submitted by clicking the "Pedestrian Plan Map" exhibit.