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Transit Plan

Public transit can provide important connections to destinations for people that do not drive or bike and can provide an additional option for all transportation system users for certain trips. Public transit complements walking, bicycling, or driving trips: users can walk to and from transit stops and their homes, shopping or work places, people can drive to park-and-ride locations to access a bus, or people can bring their bikes on transit vehicles and bicycle from a transit stop to their final destination.

There are several transit agencies that operate in Klamath County as either intercounty/intercity routes or regional routes connecting Klamath County to other counties such as Deschutes County and Jackson County. The four transit agencies are:

  1. Basin Transit (Klamath Falls)
  2. Quail Trail Public Transit (Chiloquin)
  3. Amtrak Thruway (Northern Klamath County to Deschutes County)
  4. The SouthWest POINT (west Klamath Falls to Ashland/Medford)

The following provides a summary of the existing gaps and deficiencies in the Transit system identified in Technical Memorandum #3 - Existing and Future Conditions Inventory and Analysis:

  • Currently, there are no connected public transportation services between La Pine and Klamath Falls.
  • There is solo reliance on Amtrak‚Äôs Thruway Bus Service in North Klamath County.
  • Connections between existing routes and services are not sufficiently coordinated.
  • Rural, unincorporated communities generally lack access to Dial-A-Ride services.

The proposed transit solutions are primarily programmatic or systemic improvements. Click the "Proposed Transit Solutions" to the right to explore the projects and provide comments.