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Corridor Plan

The DRAFT corridor plan for Middleton Road calls for widening the roadway to four travel lanes with a raised center median (see Cross-Section page for more information).

The plan also recommends limiting full access (i.e., left-turns, right-turns, and through movements) to public street intersections every 1/2-mile along the road, with right-in/right-out access provided in between, as necessary. Roundabouts are proposed to be the intersection form for these full-access public street intersections, based on their safety and operational performance.

Since left-turns will not be allowed in and out of some accesses due to the center median, median u-turns are located along the corridor. These will allow those who want to make a left-turn into the site to make a U-turn and then a right-turn into the access, or a right-turn out of the access and a U-turn to go left on Middleton Road. Space (called "loons") will be provided to allow u-turning vehicles and trucks to make the movement in one motion (see the corridor plan drawings in the links at the right of this page).

Other improvements along the corridor include:

  • An extension of N Middleton Road from State Highway (SH) 44 to Sawtooth Lake Drive will be built, with the intent for this new roadway to serve as the primary regional route.

  • The existing alignment of Middleton Road from Sawtooth Lake Drive to SH 44 will remain for access to local streets and businesses.

  • Sidepaths or wide sidewalks will be provided along Middleton Road for people walking and bicycling.

  • The only additional change to the Linden Road and Ustick Road intersections beyond what is already planned for these intersections is the addition of the four-lane cross-section on Middleton Road.

  • The design speed of the road is 45 MPH.

Corridor Plan

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