Middleton Road Corridor PlanVirtual Workshop

Future Conditions

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) projects year 2040 demographics based on adopted community land use plans. Population is expected to grow the most in the areas surrounding US 20/26. The greatest increases in employment are projected for the area between Lincoln Road and US 20/26 and the west side of Middleton Road between I-84 and US 20/26.

Projected Population Growth

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The figure below shows the current planned intersection improvements along the corridor.

Future Traffic Control Devices

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The figure below shows future operations on the corridor if only the currently planned improvements are made.

Future Operations

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Most intersections are projected to experience heavy congestion (Average delay of 55 seconds or greater for signalized intersections and average delay of 35 seconds or greater for people stopped at stop signs) during the p.m. peak hour by the year 2040 if no additional improvements beyond those already planned are made.