Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House #3Virtual Workshop

Summary of Preferred Alternatives

In addition to the key topic areas discussed throughout this open house, Tech Memo #6 discusses proposed projects and policies for the full transportation system. For each proposed project, a high-level cost estimate is provided. Each proposed project has also been prioritized into high, medium, or low categories. For further details about the potential alternatives that were evaluated and the identified preferred alternatives, see Draft Tech Memo #6 or the project website.

Financial Summary

The amount of local funds available for capital projects in the TSP is estimated to be approximately $10.0 million, or roughly $0.5 million per year. Given limited funding, high priority projects include those that are most likely to be funded by the City over the 20-year planning horizon. The medium and low-priority project are aspirational and will be funded through grants and additional funding sources as they become available and/or by private developers as part of future development. See the exhibit to the right for a cost estimate summary.

Feedback Requests

Guiding questions for feedback: 1) Do you agree with the preferred alternatives? 2) Do you have another vision for Main, Monmouth, and/or other streets? 3) Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns?

If your feedback would be easier to provide on a map, please use the interactive map link to the right. See the top righthand corner for instructions on how to leave comments.