Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House #3Virtual Workshop

Key Connections

A key transportation goal identified in the TSP update process is improving key intersections. While major street connections will assist the functionality of some of the key intersections in the community, several intersections will still likely need improvements.

The project team evaluated future (2040) traffic operations at several locations throughout the City. The evaluation showed that several intersections are expected to have long delays, long vehicle queues, and congestion in the future. Alternatives were developed by the project team to address future traffic operations at the intersections of

  • OR 51-Main Street/OR 51-Monmouth Street
  • OR 51-Main Street/Polk Street
  • Main Street/River Street
  • OR 51-Monmouth Street/4th Street
  • OR 51-Monmouth Street/7th Street

    Guiding question for feedback: Which intersection is your highest priority for an improved connection?