Lakeview TSP Virtual Open House #1Virtual Workshop


Welcome to the first Virtual Open House for the Lakeview Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update!

This Virtual Open House provides an opportunity for community members to learn what a TSP is, hear what work has been completed to-date, and provide feedback on transportation needs that should be considered as part of the planning process. Your feedback is vital for creating a transportation system that meets the needs of everyone in the community.

This Virtual Open House presents findings from a review of the Town’s transportation system as it exists today and in the future. These findings are detailed in the Existing Conditions and Future Conditions technical memos. Feel free to review these documents prior to starting the workshop for additional background.

The findings in these memos are summarized in “rooms” in this open house (tabs located at the top of this page). In these rooms, you will find the following:

  • About the Project: general information on the project including explaining what a TPS is and why it needs updating.
  • Goals & Objectives: the goals and objectives developed for the TSP update that reflect the Town’s vision for its transportation system.
  • Roadway System: information on the existing roadway system and how it performs today and in the future.
  • Sidewalk System: information on the existing sidewalk system.
  • Bicycle System: information on the existing bicycle system.
  • Public Transportation Service: information on existing public transportation services.
  • Tell Us What You Think: an interactive map for you to tell us where transportation needs should be addressed.
  • Next Steps: the next steps in the TSP update process.

Please tell your friends, family, and neighbors about this site so we can hear from the community before the Virtual Open House ends on November 30, 2020.

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