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Healthy Communities Impact Assessment

Ontario's Healthy Community Impact Assessment is a general assessment of health-related transportation options that support a walkable community to improve public health and community livability objectives.

Having transportation options can affect your ability to access employment, medical care, and shopping. Direct, safe, and affordable options can increase your quality of life by reducing the amount you spend on transportation, increasing access to job opportunities, and freeing up time for other important pursuits. Further, people who walk and bike to their destinations receive a direct health benefit from increased physical activity.

Investment in active transportation (i.e., walking, biking, taking the bus) infrastructure and programs can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and lead to positive outcomes for everyone in Ontario.

The Healthy Community Impact Assessment describes six health-related transportation categories:

  1. The ability to walk, bike, and take transit
  2. Safe access for people walking and biking
  3. Access to health-supportive resources
  4. Access to jobs and schools
  5. Community wellness and social connectivity
  6. Air quality

The City of Ontario's Healthy Community Impact Assessment is included in an exhibit to the right. Please click the link to the right to review and provide comments. By clicking the first exhibit and selecting "View Full Size," you can view the full Healthy Community Impact Assessment.