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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is an initiative that aims to provide safe walking and bicycling routes for children to reach school. The goal is to create safe and convenient walking and biking networks students will use.

The City of Ontario has established a desirable Safe Routes to School network that provides access to the city's five public schools, one private school, and one charter school.

Several roads on the Safe Routes to School network lack complete sidewalks (i.e., sidewalks that span the entire block) on both sides of the street, if sidewalks exist at all. In addition, there are several intersections on the Safe Routes to School network that may benefit from a crossing improvement. The type of improvement (i.e., crosswalk striping, intersection control changes) has not yet been identified.

The exhibit to the right shows the city's Safe Routes to School network, and where there are sidewalk gaps and intersection crossing improvements identified along this network. Please click the links to the right to review and provide comments. We want to know from you - are these the right routes to prioritize? Or are there other walking/biking routes that we need to review? What issues do you or your children see when walking or biking to school?