City of Ontario Active Transportation Plan and E Idaho Avenue Refinement PlanVirtual Workshop

Draft East Idaho Avenue Design Concept

The draft concept presented here improves walking and biking access to East Idaho Avenue and while also improving the look and identity of the corridor. The concept is described below and shown in the exhibits to the right. Please read through the descriptions and review the exhibits and let us know what you think! We recommend that you click on the image once you go to each exhibit and then click "View Full Size" to see the full detail of the exhibit.

East Idaho Avenue

The exhibits to the right show the draft concept for East Idaho Avenue. The key elements of the concept include:

  • A shared-use path on the south side of the road that provides a space separated from the roadway for people to walk and bike
  • Extending the storage for the westbound left-turn lane at Goodfellow Lane and for the eastbound left-turn lane at East Lane
  • Adding a second westbound left-turn lane at East Lane
  • A future connection to the planned trail along the Snake River

Shared-Use Path

  • This plan proposes removing the eastbound bike lane from East Idaho Avenue and replacing it with a shared-use path
  • The shared-use path will create a key connection to a future riverfront trail
  • The shared-use path should extend across both I-84 and the Snake River.


  • The East Idaho Avenue Refinement Area is an opportunity to create a gateway that provides a strong visual identity for Ontario
  • Gateways can take many forms, such as arches, columns, walls, banners, signage, special planting, sculpture, or combinations of these elements.
  • This project proposes creating a series of gateway features that span the whole corridor.

The design concepts for East Idaho Avenue are shown in exhibits on the right side of this room. Please click through the exhibits to review and provide comments.