Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House and Workshop #1Virtual Workshop

Air, Water, and Pipeline

Guiding Questions

  1. Did we miss anything with the inventory or does anything need further clarification?
  2. Do the text, tables, and maps clearly present the information?
  3. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the content?

Air Transportation

There is one airport located in Independence. The Independence State Airport is located on the northern edge of the City and accommodates light single- and multi-engine aircraft weighing less than or equal to 12,500 pounds. The airport is owned, operated, and maintained by the Oregon Department of Aviation and includes a single north-south paved runway. The airport does not have an instrument landing system, so operations are limited to visual flight rules. There is no scheduled service provided by commercial air carriers. In support of the Independence State Airport, there are two overlay zones that support its services.

Air Transportation Existing Gaps and Deficiencies

The March 2020 Draft Independence State Airport Master Plan provides a range of improvements to support the airport operations, which will be discussed in future technical memorandums focused on project alternatives and development.

Water Transportation

Independence is located on the Willamette River, which has functioned as a transportation facility in the past. Currently, no freight shipping or passenger service occurs on the river, and a limited amount of recreational use of the river occurs. Independence has previously investigated the possibility of recreational use of the river oriented towards water transportation. Independence will continue to investigate the feasibility of river transportation and promote recreational use of the river.

Pipeline Transportation

Independence has no major regional pipeline facilities within the UGB. Monmouth has water and sewer mains that traverse Independence. Independence will cooperate with Monmouth regarding their sewer and water line needs.


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