Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House and Workshop #1Virtual Workshop

About the Project

What is the Independence Transportation System Plan? The Independence Transportation System Plan:

  • Is part of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Guides transportation policies and investments.
  • Addresses local transportation needs to promote cost-effective street, transit, freight, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements.
  • Helps the City meet state and regional planning requirements.

Why does it need to be updated?
The existing Transportation System Plan was adopted in 2007. Since that time:

  • The city has grown rapidly.
  • Regional increases in traffic have added to congestion in the downtown and along the primary north/south and west/east routes through the community.
  • Investments in transportation have not kept pace.
  • Identifying new strategies and routes to move people through the community are necessary.

How will updating the Transportation System Plan help?
The Transportation System Plan Update will study how people travel through Independence, and determine ways to develop a future street, trail, and transit system that effectively moves people through the city.
The update will guide future investments that:

  • Are consistent with the community‚Äôs vision for Independence.
  • Promote a smooth and safe traffic flow.
  • Increase walking, bicycling, and nonmotorized trips.
  • Increase transit ridership.
  • Are future focused.
  • Are fundable and financially sustainable.