Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House and Workshop #1Virtual Workshop

Rail System

Please review the content below, including the identified gaps and deficiencies of the existing system. The information below will provide context to support the exhibits to the right. Each exhibit includes a comment box for you to include your feedback. In addition, you may also provide comments via the rail system interactive map.

Rail System Interactive Map - Click Here!

Guiding Questions

  1. Did we miss anything with the inventory or does anything need further clarification?
  2. Do the text, tables, and maps clearly present the information?
  3. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the content?

Rail Facilities

There is one north-south rail line that runs through eastern Independence. The line runs parallel to OR 51-Main Street, between 300 and 800 feet west of the highway, before crossing OR 51-Monmouth Street. South of OR 51-Monmouth Street, the line continues running parallel to Main Street and Corvallis Road, veering to the west as it approaches the southern UGB. The line provides freight service for a large variety of commodities including forest products, iron and steel products, feed grains, fertilizers, and some manufactured consumables, such as food products. No rail passenger service is currently provided in Independence.

Rail Activity

The rail line does not have a set schedule, but there is at least one train per day each direction between Albany and McMinnville, six days a week. Local railroad switchers, small locomotives used to assemble, disassemble, and move railroad cars, travel between Rickreall and Corvallis on occasion. Although the line connects through to Portland, it has not been operated east of Newberg (over Rex Hill) for several years. Consequently, P&W operates as if Willamina/McMinnville/Newberg were disconnected from the rest of the railroad network. Rail traffic from Newberg has decreased in recent years. Reduced rail traffic still being received at Rickreall.

Existing Gaps and Deficiencies

The following gaps and deficiencies were discussed in the 2007 Independence TSP for the rail system:

  • Community concern regarding:
    • Line maintenance, especially pavement maintenance on 2nd Street
    • Speed of trains through town
  • High frequency of railroad crossings, particularly the passively protected crossings, and
  • Potential compromised emergency response capabilities should a train become stalled on the tracks and block crossings. The fire and police stations are located west of the track, which gives them access to most of the city. However, trains can delay and/or cause detours for emergency vehicles trying to reach the eastern edge of town, including the downtown, waterfront park, residences and businesses
  • Although the rail line is actively used for freight, no passenger rail service is provided.


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