Independence Transportation System Plan Update - Open House and Workshop #1Virtual Workshop

Public Transportation System

Please review the content below, including the identified gaps and deficiencies of the existing system. The information below will provide context to support the exhibits to the right. Each exhibit includes a comment box for you to include your feedback. In addition, you may also provide comments via the transit system interactive map.

Transit System Interactive Map - Click Here!

Guiding Questions

  1. Did we miss anything with the inventory or does anything need further clarification?
  2. Do the text, tables, and maps clearly present the information?
  3. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the content?

Public Transit Service and Facilities

The public transportation system in Independence consists of fixed-route and demand-responsive service provided as part of the Cherriots Regional system. Cherriots operates the regional express routes and flex services, providing transportation options to Polk County and Marion County residents. The two types of services provided are described below.

Cherriots Regional Route 40X: Polk County/Salem Express – shown in the exhibit

  • Fixed-route transit service provided along OR 51, Main Street, and Monmouth Street, with five transit stops within Independence
  • Connects Salem Downton Transit Center to Dallas
  • Operates Monday through Friday with eight daily trips
  • Operates Saturday with four daily trips

Cherriots Regional Polk County Flex Service

  • Origin-to-destination service provided within and between the cities of Independence, Monmouth, and Dallas
  • Available on weekdays to all riders within the three cities
  • Riders must call ahead at least 24-hours to request service
  • Cherriots plans to adjust the Polk County Flex to become a deviated fixed route service called Cherriots Regional Route 45: Central Polk County

Other Transportation Services

Within the City of Independence, private transportation services are also provided, such as services provided for students and other taxi and ride-sharing services. The transportation services provided to students within the city include the following:

  • The Central School District 13J provides school bus service to their students in Independence and Monmouth.
  • Western Oregon University operates the WOLF Ride program as a complimentary shuttle service for its students.

Existing Gaps and Deficiencies

The following provides a summary of the existing gaps and deficiencies in the public transportation system:

  • There is a lack of consistent marketing for existing public transit facilities and service in Independence (i.e. continued references to the previous CARTS regional bus system).
  • Cherriots staff identified a service change need for the Polk County Flex service, which was verified by the public. Future Route 45 will fill this deficiency.
  • Gaps and deficiencies in the pedestrian and bicycle systems that provide access to public transportation facilities as well as other key destinations in Independence are identified in other modal sections.


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