Waldport TSP Update - Open House #2Virtual Workshop


This room provides a description of transit facilities and services. We're looking for your input on which improvements you'd like to see and where you'd like to see them.

Lincoln County provides transit service in the area via the South County Route. See the exhibit to the right to view existing services in the study area.

For descriptions and examples of transit facilities and services see the information provided below the survey.

Transit Facilities and Services Descriptions

Fixed-Route Service:
Fixed-route service refers to transit service that runs on regular, scheduled routes, with designated transit stops.

Transit Stops:
Transit stops are designated locations where residents can access local transit service. Amenities at each transit stop could include benches, shelter, schedule information, trash receptacles.

Park-and-rides provide parking for people who wish to transfer from their personal vehicle to public transportation or carpools/vanpools. Park-and-rides can provide an efficient method for connecting people to jobs and providing an alternate mode to complete long-distance commutes.