Waldport TSP Update - Open House #2Virtual Workshop


This room provides a description of pedestrian facilities and treatments. We're looking for your input on which improvements you'd like to see and where you'd like to see them.

To view existing pedestrian facilities in the study area see the exhibit to the right. For descriptions and examples of pedestrian facilities and treatments see the information provided below the survey.

Pedestrian Facility Types & Descriptions

Sidewalks are the fundamental building blocks of the pedestrian system and provide means of mobility. Sidewalks are widely used in urban and suburban settings. alt text

Multi-Use Paths and Trails:
Multi-use paths are bi-directional and located away from roadways. Multi-use paths can be used to create longer-distance links within and between communities and provide regional connections. alt text

Enhanced Pedestrian Crossings:
Enhanced pedestrian crossings enable pedestrians to safely cross transportation facilities. Planning for pedestrian crossings requires the community to balance vehicular mobility needs with providing crossing locations along the desired routes of walkers.
alt text


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