Waldport TSP Update - Open House #2Virtual Workshop


This room presents the alternatives developed to improve the efficiency and safety of the automobile system. We'd like your input on which improvements you'd like to see and where you'd like to see them.

For a description of automobile system alternatives and improvements see the information provided below the survey.

Automobile System Alternatives & Improvements Descriptions

Crestline Drive:
An assessment of Crestline Drive indicated that the segment of Crestline Drive from Lint Slough Road to Willow Road is failing and needs to be repaired, replaced, or abandoned. There are three alternatives considered for addressing Crestline Drive, including:

1- Maintain the segment and continue to allow two-way automobile traffic.
2- Update the segment to allow one-way southbound (uphill) automobile traffic. This alternative assumes all northbound (downhill) automobile traffic will re-route to Cedar Street.
3- Update the segment to restricted automobile traffic and only allow access to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Industrial Park Access Road:
The Waldport Industrial Park Master Plan identifies three access road alternatives. The purpose of the road is to provide more direct access to the Industrial Park and provide additional access to the upland area. To view the access road alternative see the exhibit to the right. The alternatives are as follows:

1- Access Road #1: Provides the most direct access to the Industrial Park however it is located almost entirely outside of the city limits and will require coordination with the County.
2-Access Road #2: Estimated to have the lowest cost however it has the steepest grades and potential sight distance issues at the intersection with US 101.
3- Access Road #3: Estimated to have the highest costs and has potential conflict with the ODOT truck weight station on US 101; however, it could also provide access to commercially zoned property located behind (east) of the weigh station and provide access to additional upland areas.

OR 34 Streetscape Enhancements:
The segment of OR 34 from US 101 to Mill Street currently has a three-lane cross-section, continuous sidewalks, on-street parking, and a relatively low pedestrian and bicycle level of traffic stress (PLTS/BLTS). The facilities on this segment of OR 34 are considered for bicycle, pedestrian, and transit enhancements. The alternatives considered for OR 34 are as follows:

Bicycle Enhancements
» Install shared lane pavement markings and/or signs on both sides of the roadways.
» Install bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, or separated bike lanes on both sides of the roadway.
» Install skip stripping along OR 34 through intersections with green paint in the conflict areas.
» Install enhanced bicycle crossings

Pedestrian Enhancements
» Install sidewalks with planted landscape strips on both sides of the roadway.
» Install enhanced pedestrian crossings
» Install pedestrian scale lighting on both sides of the roadway.
» Install wayfinding signs, benches, planter boxes, etc. as appropriate.

Transit Enhancements
» Install poles with bus stop signs, transit shelters, seating, trash cans, and lighting at existing transit stops as appropriate.