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9th Street - Two-Way Protected Bike Lanes

This concept would include a two-way protected bike lane on the majority of the route shown below. Exhibits illustrating how the route might look after the project is implemented are also included on this page.

The one exception would be the bridge over the Link River, where it is suggested that a shared-use path be developed on one side of the bridge. This reconfiguration also involves eliminating the walkway on the other side of the bridge.

Concept Route

Benefits & Considerations

  • Direct and visible connection from downtown core to Moore Park
  • Provides access to businesses along Oregon Avenue
  • Calms traffic on Nevada Street and Oregon Avenue
  • Requires removing an auto lane on 9th Street
  • Requires removing approximately 50 on-street parking spaces from one side of Oregon Avenue

Below are renderings of what the streets could look like with this concept.

9th Street Before and After

Oregon Avenue Before and After

Nevada Street Before and After

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