Moore Park to Downtown Klamath Falls Corridor PlanVirtual Workshop


Welcome to our Virtual Open House for the Moore Park to Downtown Klamath Falls Corridor Plan! In each "room" (or tabs located on the top of this page) you will find information about the current activities to develop a plan that will allow people to comfortably and safely move along the corridor, whether they are walking, bicycling, or driving. Each room corresponds to a specific topic.

  • The Yellow Room - gives you information about the plan itself and how we got to this point.

  • The Green Room - presents the process used to develop and evaluate alternative concepts for the corridor.

  • The Blue Rooms - these three rooms discuss, in more detail, the three alternatives that are being looked at today.

  • The Orange Room - provides an opportunity to provide input on the three alternatives. You will be able to provide feedback and comments on each individual alternative as well as rank the alternatives in order of your preferred option.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this site so we can hear from them as well!

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