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Oregon Avenue Alternate Routes

This concept utilizes an alternate route to divert bike traffic away from Oregon Avenue while still maintaining connections. This minimizes impacts to on-street parking on Oregon Avenue.

The are two possible routes that are shown below. If this concept is selected more analysis would be needed to determine if Lakeview Avenue or Worden Avenue would be used as the route.

Benefits & Considerations

  • A relatively visible location to increase awareness and potential use of the route
  • Calms traffic on Nevada Street
  • Requires removing an auto lane on 11th Street
  • Requires some out-of-direction travel
  • Does not calm traffic on Oregon Avenue like other alternatives do
  • Requires bicycling up steep hills, which may deter some people from using the route

Below are renderings of what the streets could look like with this concept.

Worden Avenue Before and After

Nevada Street Before and After

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