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Bulldog Express

The Bulldog Express is a route that serves parts of downtown North Bend and Coos Bay. Following are the proposed changes to the existing system:

  1. Service in this alternative would operate at consistent 60-minute headways throughout the day, but with a service span of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to facilitate connections with other routes.

  2. The route would no longer directly serve the North Bay Medical Center, however, passengers may transfer to Pirate Express to access the medical facilities.

  3. The route would serve a major portion of Sherman Ave to serve adjacent residential areas and a stop would be provided at The House and The Mill Casino. The route would serve the North Bend Lanes, the post Office on McPherson and the Boardwalk upon deviated request.

  4. Passengers may transfer to the Pirate Express to access Advanced Health, Oregon Coast Community Action, and Coos Health and Wellness

  5. The schedule would have Pirate Express and Bulldog Express buses meet at SCBEC upon request to transfer passengers at 0:28 past each hour.

  6. Connections to the Crab Express may be made at the Superstop after a 30 minute layover. Connections to the Florence and Roseburg intercity routes may also be made at the Superstop.

  7. The schedule provides about 21 minutes per hour to support deviations.

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