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Project Overview

Current Phase: Future Opportunities

The project team is evaluating what should change with routes. These alternatives are based on the needs identified in the unmet transportation needs analysis and public feedback.

Project Schedule

After this workshop, the project team will compile feedback and report back to the community with preferred alternatives for the routes in Fall 2020. The Transit Master Plan is scheduled to be complete in early 2021.

What Is a Transit Master Plan (TMP)?

The Coos County Transit Master Plan will identify short-, mid- and long-term opportunities and include guidance on managing and improving transit services, facilities and coordination with transit services within the County such as Curry County's Coastal Express and Pacific Crest Bus Lines. The TMP will serve as the basis for the transit element of the Transportation System Plans (TSPs) adopted by local jurisdictions within the study area.

The project team has analyzed existing conditions, identified transportation needs and now presents potential changes to address them — in partnership the general public who live, work, and/or travel through Coos County. The current phase of the plan focuses on routes serving the Coos County area for safe and convenient access to, from, and across Coos County.

Why Is this Transit Master Plan Needed?

It’s needed to improve safety, mobility and accessibility of the transit system in Coos County. Proposed changes focus on building a connected transit system that supports mobility, planned land uses, economic vitality, livability, and public safety. Moreover, the development of a TMP is a critical step in securing Statewide Transportation Improvement Funds that may be used for public transportation purposes.

What Geographic Area Does the Project Plan Cover?

This plan includes the area contained within the boundary of Coos County.

Study Area

Study Area

Learn about the Proposed Service Model here .

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