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Pirate Express

The Pirate Express is a route that serves parts of North Bend and Coos Bay. Following are the proposed changes to the existing system:

  1. Service in this alternative would operate at consistent 60-minute headways throughout the day between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm

  2. The route would be extended to the South Coast Business Employment Corporation upon request

  3. In downtown Coos Bay, the route would travel on 4th Street serving the DMV upon request. Fred Meyer and Safeway will be designated stops

  4. The route will continue to serve the North Bay Medical Center and Bay Area Hospital once each hour.

  5. The route would no longer regularly serve destinations along Kinney Road and Waite Street (but could still deviate there on request).

  6. The route will continue to provide service to Advanced Health, Oregon Coast Community Action, and Coos Health and Wellness.

  7. The schedule provides about 18 minutes per hour to support deviations

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