Pendleton I-84 IAMPs: Exit 207 and Exit 210Virtual Workshop


Welcome to our Virtual Open House for the Exit 207 and Exit 210 Interchange Area Management Plans (IAMP)! In each "room" (or on each page) you will find information about the current activities to develop an IAMP for the I-84/Exit 207 (US 30) and I-84/Exit 210 (OR 11) interchanges in Pendleton, OR.

Each room corresponds to a specific topic. The Yellow Room gives you general information about the project. The rest of the rooms are separated out by interchange. The Green Rooms present information about the preliminary concepts developed for each interchange, which were the subject of our April survey. The Blue Rooms provide additional information about the two concepts at each interchange that were moved forward for further evaluation after the April survey, including the results of more detailed analyses and draft Access Management Plans. The Purple Rooms provide an opportunity to provide input and thoughts on the information presented here.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this site so we can hear from them before Friday, June 26th when the Virtual Open House closes for this phase of the project.