Josephine County TSP Update - Virtual Public Meeting #2Virtual Workshop

Goals And Objectives

Updating a planning document like a transportation system plan requires that goals and objectives be developed to help guide the planning process. These goals and objectives will be used to help identify and prioritize transportation improvement projects to be included as part of the final transportation system plan.

The following summarizes the goals and objectives for this planning effort.

Goal 1: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

Develop a transportation system that is consistent with the County’s adopted comprehensive plan and the adopted plans of state, regional, and neighboring jurisdictions.

Goal 2: Safety

Provide a transportation system that enhances the safety and security of all transportation modes.

Goal 3: Mobility

Optimize the performance of the transportation system for the efficient movement of people and goods.

Goal 4: Connectivity

Develop an interconnected, multimodal transportation network that connects all members of the community to destinations within and beyond the County.

Goal 5: Community and Economic Vitality

Provide a transportation system that supports existing industry, encourages economic development, and enhances the physical and social well-being of Josephine County residents.

Goal 6: Environmental Sustainability

Provide a sustainable transportation system through responsible stewardship of environmental resources.

Goal 7: Strategic Investment

Provide a sustainable transportation system through responsible stewardship of financial resources.

Goal 8: Land Use and Transportation Integration

Create a balanced built environment where desired existing and planned land uses are supported by an efficient multi-modal transportation system.

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