Jefferson County TSP - Virtual Open House #2Virtual Workshop


Welcome to the Online Open House and Workshop for the Jefferson County Transportation System Plan Update (TSP)! This Open House and Workshop provides the opportunity for community members to share their feedback and see the progress on work conducted as part of the ongoing TSP update. Your feedback is vital as it will help us to create a transportation system that meets the needs of everyone in our community.

Where can I find the Draft Jefferson County TSP?

The Draft TSP can be found HERE The Draft TSP document contains more information on the topics covered in this open house. Have questions or comments on the document? Please contact us by leaving a comment HERE.

Attend the Live Virtual Public Event!

A Virtual Public Event was held April 1. The Virtual Event walked through elements presented in the Virtual Open House and include a question and answer session. Click HERE to watch the LIVE Virtual Public Event

What's in each Virtual Workshop "Room"?

In each "room" (or tabs located on the top of this page), you will find information about the elements included in the Draft TSP for Jefferson County. Each room corresponds to a specific topic.

  • About the Project: provides general information on the project, including “What is a transportation system plan and why does it need to be updated?”.

  • Goals and Objectives: presents the goals and objectives that express the County's long-range vision for the transportation system

  • Multimodal System: presents an overview of the recommendations for the multimodal system

  • Transportation Priorities and Projects: presents the specific multimodal projects and the costs estimated for their construction

  • Transportation Funding and Implementation: presents a summary of transportation funding and implementation, including estimated revenue, cost of 20-year projects, and potential funding sources

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this site so we can hear from them before the open house and workshop ends Thursday, April 15th.