Wickiup Junction Refinement PlanVirtual Workshop


Welcome to the Virtual Workshop for the Wickiup Junction Refinement Plan!

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), along with City of La Pine and Deschutes County, is planning how to improve conditions for driving, walking, biking, and moving freight in the Wickiup Junction area of north La Pine over the next 20 years.

About the Virtual Workshop

Each room of this workshop includes an overview of what’s in the Draft Alternatives Analysis memo. Keep the memo handy so you can dig in deeper when something grabs your interest.

Each room also includes questions for you! We need your input to create a successful plan for the whole community.

What’s In Each Virtual Workshop Room

Each "room" (the tabs at the top of this page) corresponds to specific plan considerations.

  • Project Overview: Learn about the plan and general information.
  • U.S. 97 Overview and Alternatives: Learn about the long-range vision for U.S. 97 through Wickiup Junction, related projects, and proposed cross-sections of the highway.
  • Getting around the Region: Review proposed changes to the regional circulation network, including new multi-use pathways, roadway connections, and other system elements.
  • Getting around Locally: Learn about proposed changes to the local circulation network within the Wickiup Junction business area.
  • Intersection Improvements: Review proposed changes to address safety or capacity needs at specific intersections.
  • Weigh In: Tell us your additional feedback on other ideas for the transportation system.

Provide Your Comments by July 3

Tell your friends and neighbors about the Virtual Workshop so we can hear from them before it closes on July 3, 2020.

What’s Next

The project team will compile feedback and release a summary on July 20. Check back at www.wickiuprefinementplan.com for more information.

Next, the project team will incorporate feedback and work with the Advisory Committee to develop a draft version of the plan.

Get Started!

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