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Connecting Projects: Aikens Street & State Highway 44

As part of the overall downtown Eagle mobility improvements, there are two other projects currently being designed. There has been extensive coordination between the project teams to align all of the improvements.

Aikens Street from Eagle Road to 2nd Street

This is a separate ACHD project that contributes to the improved traffic circulation and safety in downtown Eagle. In general, this project will:

  • Extend Aikens Street to 2nd Street.
  • Construct curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of street.
  • Allow on-street parking on south side of Aikens Street.
  • Install street trees and lighting.
  • Add two small parking lots for private and public parking.

For more details on this project visit:

Eagle Road (Idaho 55) and Idaho 44 Intersection Improvement

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is developing design plans to improve safety and reduce congestion at the Eagle Road (Idaho 55) and Idaho 44 intersection in Eagle. For more details on this project visit:

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