Downtown Eagle Mobility Improvements Eagle Road and State StreetVirtual Workshop

Project Overview

Eagle’s population grew from 3,000 people to 10,000 by the late 1990s and it is now approaching 25,000. Population and traffic projections show substantial growth continuing into the foreseeable future.

Eagle Road is the only north-south roadway connection across State Highway 44 for a mile to the east or west. Eagle Road also offers the only crossing of the Boise River for a seven-mile stretch between Glenwood Street to the east and Linder Road to the west. This means the most convenient and viable option for north-south travel for a significant portion of traffic is Eagle Road. Based on projected population growth and an extensive traffic analysis, the Eagle Road/State Street intersection is expected to become more congested and drivers will experience more delays. Traffic at the intersection already backs up on State Street through the 2nd Street intersection during peak hours.

Through a collaborative effort between the community, City, and ACHD, multiple alternatives to improve downtown circulation were evaluated starting in 2012 as part of the Eagle Road and State Street Concept Design. You can view the report here:

In 2016, the ACHD Commission approved the City’s request to design and construct the Quadrant Alternative. The quadrant intersection routes turning movements away from the Eagle/State Street intersection to improve traffic operations. This alternative best balances the need to safely accommodate existing traffic and future traffic growth, minimize impacts to adjacent properties and parking, and make downtown Eagle more walkable and bikeable.

Graphics & Project Animation

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