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Transit Vision

Redmond’s population continues to grow and the need for a full range of transportation options grows too. Funding for fixed route transit has been scarce and this previously limited Redmond’s ability to expand current transit services. However, the recent employment payroll tax funds allowed for expansion to Cascades East Transit (CET) services. Additional buses, expanding routing, and infrastructure to support a “flex route” option in addition to current CET services is being proposed. The flex route will provide access to popular Redmond destination and employment lands. This is a practical approach given the limited funds. As future funding becomes available and is stable, Redmond will be able to expand transit opportunities to its citizens.

Specific projects CET is pursuing in Redmond include:

  • Purchasing two (2) 18 - passenger vehicles for future transit service Anticipated Arrival: January 2021

  • Two (2) Deviated Flex Route Services in City of Redmond Monday - Friday 10 hrs - 12 hrs per day Anticipated Start: March 2021

  • Eight (8) ADA Complaint Transit Stops Anticipated Completion: May 2021

  • City of Redmond Fixed Route Transit Feasibility Study Anticipated Completion: December 2021

Redmond is participant in the Regional Transit Study and actively researches opportunities to expand collaboration with CET.

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