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Tier 2

Based on public input, stakeholder involvement, costs, and ridership analysis, service alternatives were created and prioritized based on the goals outlined in the previous room. The second tier of service opportunities is described via the links to the right.The service enhancements include the following:

» Provide earlier morning service on the Molalla City Loop and Molalla to Canby routes

» Provide later evening service on the Molalla to Canby route

» Increase the frequency on the Molalla to CCC route to half hour headways throughout the day

» Adjust the Molalla City Loop routing to serve the northeast area of Molalla

» Improve bus stops

» Replace fleet with low-floor vehicles which are easier to board, especially for riders with physical disabilities

» Work with other transit providers to improve awareness of transit in the area and promote transit to employers

Tier 2 improvements need additional funding to be implemented.


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