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Tier 1

Based on public input, stakeholder involvement, costs, and ridership analysis, service opportunity alternatives were created and prioritized based on the goals outlined in the previous room. The first tier of service opportunities is described via the links to the right.The service enhancements include the following:

» Extended Services Hours on the Molalla City Loop and Molalla to CCC routes

» Sunday service on the Molalla to CCC route

» Serving both directions on one side of the Molalla to Canby loop to reduce out-of-direction travel. This option is still being studied further.

» Adding real-time vehicle arrival technology and trip planning tools so you know when the bus is coming

» Improving bus stops, especially with signage

Tier 1 improvement may be able to be funded in the short-term (5-10 years), but need additional long-term funding to be sustainable.


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