Waldport TSP Update - Open House #3Virtual Workshop

Pedestrian Plan

Pedestrian facilities within Waldport are primarily located within the downtown area along US 101 and OR 34 as well as several nearby or adjacent streets. Pedestrian facilities are also located along several other major roadways adjacent to more recent development. The pedestrian facilities primarily consist of sidewalks, crosswalks, and multi-use paths and trails.

The pedestrian plan projects developed for the Waldport TSP update primarily consist of new sidewalks and enhanced pedestrian crossings. These new facilities are intended to improve pedestrian access to local schools and parks as well as general access and circulation within the City.

The exhibit to the right illustrates the location and type of the pedestrian plan projects. The projects should be considered along with the bicycle plan and multi-use path and trails plan projects, which will also provide access for pedestrians.


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