Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update - Online Community Meeting #2Virtual Workshop

Motor Vehicle System

The motor vehicle system planned projects were identified based on the existing and future needs documented in previous efforts of this Transportation System Plan Update. Exhibits 1 through 3 to the right describe the planned projects for the motor vehicle system, local street connectivity, and traffic safety. Exhibits 4 through 7 show the updated roadway functional classification map and the proposed roadway cross-sections that accompany the functional classification map.

Please review the content and let us know your thoughts by using the comment boxes next to the exhibits. When you are done exploring this room, move on to the Gray Room.

For further details about the potential solutions that were evaluated and the planned projects shown in the exhibits, see Revised Draft Tech Memo 8: TSP Solutions and Draft Tech Memo 9: Planned and Financially Constrained Transportation Systems on the Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update website