Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update - Online Community Meeting #2Virtual Workshop

About the Project

The City of Gladstone is working with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to update the Gladstone Transportation System Plan (TSP). The City wants and need your input to make this process a success.

What is a Transportation System Plan (TSP)?

A TSP is a document that outlines ways to improve the transportation system over the next 20 to 25 years so that people can continue to safely and reliably get to work, school, shopping, and recreation. Projects, policies, and strategies in a TSP can help a city:

  • Construct new roads or modify existing roads;
  • Construct new pedestrian and bicycle facilities;
  • Expand transit service;
  • Create roadway design standards;
  • Create access management standards; and
  • Identify funding strategies.

Visit the Gladstone TSP Website!

For further details about the project, visit the Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update website
For further details about what work has been completed thus far to update the Gladstone TSP, visit the Project Documents page.
Final Tech Memos 1 through 7 and Draft Tech Memos 8 and 9 are all available on the project website.

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