City of Banks Bicycle and Pedestrian Master PlanVirtual Workshop

Provide Input

Welcome to the Orange Room: Provide Input

In this room, you can comment on the goals and objectives, previously identified projects, draft project recommendations, or any other ideas, concerns, and thoughts regarding bicycle and pedestrian issues in the City. We invite you to use the interactive map to give location specific comments and feedback. This includes comments related to projects, policies, programs, and studies aimed at developing a convenient and safe non-automobile transportation system for local trips within the city and connections to regional trail systems. Also below are links regarding the next project steps and how you can stay involved throughout the BPP process. We look forward to receiving your input and thank you for the time investment.

Interactive Map

The interactive map is now closed for comment. However, you can still visit the map to view the projects and feedback received by clicking HERE.

In-person Open House

The online open house presents the same material that will be available at an in-person open house:

Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
City Council Chambers
13690 NW Main Street

E-Mail Comments

Provide feedback via e-mail at the project website by clicking HERE.


When you're done exploring this room and providing feedback, you're done with the workshop! Thanks!