City of Banks Bicycle and Pedestrian Master PlanVirtual Workshop

Goals & Objectives

Welcome to the Green Room: Goals & Objectives!

In this room you can review the draft goals and objectives for the BPP. The draft goals, and objectives were put together in a collaborative and iterative process between residents serving on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Banks city staff and ODOT representatives.

There are a number of intentions driving the development of the BPP. Goals and objectives are a helpful means of ensuring that the plan and proposed projects are in line with the City’s vision.

  • Goals – provide direction for where the City would like to go. A goal is met when outcomes can be cited for that goal.

  • Objectives – provide a more detailed breakdown of goals with more specific ends the City desires to achieve.

Please use the links below to review the draft material. On the Provide Input page, you’ll have the opportunity to comment on them.


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