Green Springs IAMP Public Workshop #2Virtual Workshop

US 97 Access Modifications

This room outlines the options related to access modification along US 97 near the interchange. Specifically, the existing northbound off-ramp to Greensprings Drive north of the interchange and the existing Reames Country Club access south of the interchange have been identified for possible future modification.

Greensprings Drive Off-ramp

The Greensprings Drive off-ramp serves a small number of northbound US 97 travelers with access to Greensprings Drive and Memorial Drive. This lightly used ramp does not create significant benefits or, conversely, issues for the area today. However, the potential construction of a northbound on-ramp in the northeast quadrant of the interchange would likely require this ramp to be closed for safety reasons.

Reames Country Club Access

The Reames Country Club access is closely spaced to US 97 northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp. Alternative access options for the club are being explored. The exhibit below shows three (3) options for locations where this access could be relocated to.

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