Green Springs IAMP Public Workshop #2Virtual Workshop

West Side Alternatives

In this room, you will find the alternative developed for the area west of the interchange. Click on the exhibit at right to see what this area would look like with the proposed modifications.

Area Background

Presently, more traffic travels to the west along OR 66 than along OR 140 under normal conditions. However, traffic demand is expected to increase more along OR 140 in the future. By 2035, the traffic volumes in the vicinity of the interchange on each highway are expected to be very similar.

Based on this information, the project team considered an option to realign the roadways to make OR 140, rather than OR 66, the "through route," as it exists today. Further analysis uncovered that the benefits of making this change were not profound. As such, the proposed alternative modifies the roadway system to provide more safe and efficient traffic operations while maintaining OR 66 as the "through route."

What do you think?

Take a second and provide us with your feedback. Click on the exhibit at right to see the alternative and share your thoughts. When you are done, proceed to the East Side Alternatives room to learn about what is proposed for that area.


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