Green Springs IAMP Public Workshop #2Virtual Workshop

Interchange Form Alternatives

In this room, you will find the alternatives developed for the future interchange form. Click on the exhibits at right to see what this area would look like with the proposed modifications.

Interchange Background

The future conditions analysis found that significant capacity constraints are not expected at the interchange. As such, the alternatives are focused on improving safety and building toward an ultimate interchange form. To this end, three (3) alternatives are presented, each building on the previous alternatives.

Alternative I-1

  • Improve the existing interchange by modifying the ramp angles for the southbound ramps and reconstructing the existing loop-ramp.

Alternative I-2

  • Construct a northbound on-ramp in the northeast quadrant of the interchange.

Alternative I-5

  • Construct a diverging diamond interchange. This alternative would remove the northbound loop-ramp and convert the existing ramp terminal intersections to allow for diverging diamond operations, which would increase capacity at the interchange.

What do you think?

Take a second and provide us with your feedback. Click on the exhibits at right to see the alternatives and share your thoughts. When you are done, proceed to the US 97 Access Modifications room to learn about what is proposed for that area.