Pleasant Valley TSP RefinementVirtual Workshop

Options to Study

Alternatives Development Process

Alternatives will be developed and assessed based on input from the project Technical Advisory Committee and Community Advisory Committee and gathered through workshops like this one. The graphic in the Alternatives Development Process exhibit illustrates the steps that will be taken to ultimately select a preferred alternative.

Potential Alternatives

Help us generate alternatives to study for the Pleasant Valley Area to improve connectivity and address existing and future transportation needs. You can provide your thoughts in two ways:

  1. Write our your ideas by commenting on the Potential Alternatives Exhibit (click this link).

  2. Draw your ideas on a map via our Commenting Map (click this link).

For each option, what questions would you like us to answer? We’ve provided a few ideas from the Technical Advisory Committee to get you started.

Potential Alternatives:

  • Widen Jenne Road
  • Implement the SE 174th Avenue Extension
  • Keep Foster as a collector between SE 172nd Avenue and SE Jenne Road

Questions to consider include:

  • What are the environmental and topographic impacts?
  • How do these options impact planned land uses?
  • How do these options impact operations on Powell?