Pleasant Valley TSP RefinementVirtual Workshop

Project Background

Pleasant Valley is growing – how do we keep Pleasant Valley moving and prepare for the future?

Project Purpose

  • Reassess the Pleasant Valley TSP based on the most recent transportation plans for the surrounding areas and projected growth
  • Develop a long-term vision for the area
  • Find near-term solutions to address community concerns and support growth of the area
  • Identify improvement phasing, costs, right-of-way needs, and impacts

The extents of the project are shown in the Study Area exhibit.

Project Schedule

See the Project Schedule under the exhibits column.

Related Planning Efforts

Several planning efforts have been conducted in and around the study area, which were reviewed and incorporated in the Pleasant Valley TSP Refinement. This includes:

  • Pleasant Valley Concept Plan (2002)
  • Pleasant Valley Transportation System Plan (TSP, 2005)
  • Pleasant Valley Plan District Plan (2005)
  • Happy Valley TSP (2016)
  • Gresham TSP (2013)
  • Clackamas County TSP (2013)
  • Multnomah County TSP (2016)
  • Metro Powell/Foster Corridor Refinement Plan (2003)
  • Metro Regional Transportation Plan (2014)
  • East Metro Connections Plan (2012)