Pleasant Valley TSP RefinementVirtual Workshop

What We've Learned

The project team has reviewed existing conditions, planned improvements, and future conditions of the study area. We have found several intersections that have crash rates higher than statewide averages as well as operations not meeting standards. Learn more about our findings below, and provide feedback on what you think the needs are in the project area.

Current Operations

Lane configurations and intersection traffic control are shown in the Existing Study Intersections exhibit.

The City of Portland and City of Gresham maintain operating thresholds for the study area intersections. Operating thresholds include:

  • City of Portland: Volume-to-capacity (v/c) ratio of 0.99
  • City of Gresham: Level of Service (LOS) D and v/c ratio of 0.90

Currently, Powell/174th exceeds standards during the weekday PM peak hour and Foster/172nd exceeds standards during weekday AM and PM peak hours.

Crash Analysis

Observed crash rates at Powell/174th and Powell/182nd exceed average statewide crash rates with a rear-end crash trend. Foster/172nd and Giese/190th exceed average statewise crash rates with an angle crash trend. Crash locations and severity are shown in the Crash History exhibit.

Planned Improvements & Future Conditions

Area plans include sidewalks and bike lanes throughout the region, regional and community transit routes, a transit hub in the town center, and roadway extensions as shown in the Planned Improvements exhibit.

Under future conditions, Powell/174th exceeds standards during weekday AM and PM peak hours and Powell/182nd exceeds standards during the weekday PM peak hour (AM not analyzed).

The planned future network, environmental constraints, and topology are shown in the Project Base Map exhibit.

Project Area Needs

With what we've learned, the needs for the project area include:

  • North-south and east-west connectivity
  • Connectivity for those headed to Portland from SE 172nd Avenue (currently provided with Foster Road)
  • Improvements for projected intersection operational failures and safety issues (e.g. crash history at the SE 172nd Avenue/Foster Road intersections)

What else? Let us know by clicking on the exhibits on the upper right of this page and leaving your comments.