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What is the Klamath County Transportation System Plan? The Klamath County Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a long-range plan that identifies the transportation facilities and services needed to address existing deficiencies and support growth in the County over the next 20 years.

Why is the Klamath County Transportation System Plan being updated?
The current TSP was adopted in 2010. Since that time several changes have occurred in the County that need to be addressed for residents and visitors and corrected for future growth and development. Such changes include:

  • The 2010 TSP needs to be updated to include a new 20- year planning horizon, including revised population and employment projections.
  • The planned and funded transportation project lists need to be revised to coincide with the new 20-year planning horizon, to remove projects that are complete or no longer needed, and to add new projects.
  • Funding options need to be developed for new transportation projects planned for the next 20 years.
  • Bicycle, pedestrian, and transit elements are limited in scope in the 2010 TSP and need additional work to make the updated TSP a true multimodal plan.
  • The 2010 TSP needs to be updated to include a more inclusive view of equity to maximize the benefits of a sustainable transportation system to all users by improving conditions and access for affordable mobility options.
  • The 2010 TSP needs to be updated so it is consistent with applicable laws and adopted plans including several state, regional, and local plans.

What will I find in the TSP? The TSP documents the existing and planned transportation system throughout the County. The TSP is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction Provides a brief overview of the planning context for the TSP.
  • Chapter 2 – Goals, Policies, and Evaluation Criteria Establishes the goals and objectives that express the County’s long-range vision for the transportation system.
  • Chapter 3 – Needs Assessment and Evaluation Identifies the transportation system deficiencies and needs and outlines the process used to develop the TSP’s list of planned capital improvements and transportation policies and programs.
  • Chapter 4 – Modal Plans and Projects An overview of the recommended projects, programs, policies, and studies for the multimodal system and provision of all multimodal projects and the costs estimated for construction. Projects were prioritized based on the evaluation criteria. All cost estimates are planning level for programming purposes only. They do not include ROW and will be further refined in project development.
  • Chapter 5 – Transportation Funding and Implementation Summarizes transportation funding and implementation, including estimated revenue, cost of 20-year needs, and potential funding sources.

This TSP will cover Klamath County outside of the of Klamath Falls urban growth boundary (UGB) and the Chiloquin, Merrill, Bonanza, and Malin city limits.

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