CCAT Draft Transit Master Plan Virtual Workshop


CCATD is a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon, providing public transit service throughout Coos County. In 2019, the Coos County Commissioners approved an order initiating the formation of a transportation district, after all seven cities within the county declared their interest in joining. As a result, CCATD formed its own governing body and became a non-taxing transportation district. CCATD staff and Board believe that addressing the district’s financial stability, investigating different service models to address the growing demand for and cost of paratransit service required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and addressing the fluctuating demand for fixed-route service can lead to enhanced economic development and transit efficiency within the County. CCATD introduced route changes that went into effect in July 2019 in response to budget constraints. This plan evaluates CCATD’s ability to restore some of the prior service cuts and considers the district’s long-term needs.

What Geographic Area Does the Project Plan Cover?

This plan includes the area contained within the boundary of Coos County.

Study Area

Study Area

Project Process

The project process exhibit shows the project process, including outreach, Advisory Committee (AC) meetings, and document development.

Public Involvement Process

The project management team (PMT) began work on the plan and its supporting memos and activities in April 2019. Outreach activities were conducted between April 2019 and December 2020. Due to the ongoing 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the second round of surveys was conducted online and all meetings in 2020 were conducted virtually. An overview of the first round of online survey is shown as an exhibit. Following are the outreach activities, meetings and mediums used to gather public input:

The project process included several touchpoints where stakeholders and the public could provide input as shown in the Public Involvement Process Exhibit