Plant City Transit StudyVirtual Workshop


Welcome to the Virtual Open House for the Plant City Transit Study! The transit study is being led by the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization, in partnership with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority and the City of Plant City.

In each "room" (the tabs located on the top of this page) you will find information about the study, an overview of transit planning, land use and travel patterns in Plant City, and the proposed transit alternatives.

Each tab corresponds to a specific topic and provides related information in the form of PowerPoint slides or Exhibits, and on some tabs feedback is requested through a linked survey. Please follow the tabs in order from left to right. You can view the exhibits in full size by clicking on them and then clicking on the "view full size" text at the bottom.

This virtual open house will be available from Aug 24th to Sept 13th. Please tell your friends and neighbors about this site so we can hear from them by Sept 13th, 2020.

The MPO and HART held a live meeting and presentation on August 26. A recording of this meeting can be accessed HERE.

To get started, click on the “Study Overview” tab on the top of the page.